A video that has been making rounds on the internet today is that of a “prankster” named Roman Atwood pulling a prank on his girlfriend in which he fakes the death of their young child.

Hilarious right? What isn’t funnier than the death of your own kid? SO FUNNY! Parents that have lost their children in accidents will find it so funny!

The video starts with the idiot explaining what’s going to happen when his poor, unsuspecting wife comes to pick him, his son, and their newly purchased ATV. The ATV is actually remote controlled so instead of his actual son going off a jump to his death, it’s only a dummy!

How is this a prank? Saran-wrapping a door opening and having someone walk into it? That’s a prank. Having your significant other believe their toddler died in a horrible accident, not so much.

Check out the sadistic video below:

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