Language is NSFW (obviously).

If Madden glitches lead to more videos like the one posted above, then I think that every Madden game should purposefully glitch out every once and a while for humanity’s collective enjoyment.

Playing as the Cleveland Browns against the Arizona Cardinals in the Super Bowl (insert Browns Super Bowl joke here), one player was able to intercept the ball at the goal line in an incredible display of impossible physics as the Browns player’s arm somehow bent all the way backwards AND had his body essentially levitate back to a standing position.

However, that wasn’t even the most bizarre part of the play. After the would-be Browns hero was tackled in the end zone, a referee arrived on the scene and ruled the play a safety.

This is what NFL rules have to say about what is NOT considered a safety:

Examples of Non-Safety:

(a) Player intercepts a pass with both feet inbounds in the field of play and his momentum carries him into his own end zone. Ball is put in play at spot of interception.
(b) Player intercepts a pass in his own end zone and is downed in the end zone, even after recovering in the end zone. Impetus came from passing team, not from defense. (Touchback)
(c) Player passes from behind his own goal line. Opponent bats down ball in end zone. (Incomplete pass)


Yeah, we’d be a little pissed too. Still, there is something somewhat poetic about this happening to the digital Browns, proving that even Madden‘s Cleveland franchise can’t escape the mire of the Factory of Sadness.

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