For Andrew Wiggins, the start of NBA free agency doesn’t mean much for him and his team, as the Timberwolves are expected to make little or no noise on Wednesday and over the next few months. As a result, he’s likely enjoying another month of his first full offseason and, being a Toronto native, celebrating his country’s official birth with Canada Day.

He sent out a simple and innocent tweet for the holiday, but, as he’s likely realized during his few years of superstardom, nothing is simple or innocent for someone like himself.

The responses were mostly kind and celebratory, but there were a few negative ones, including an interesting command from a feisty Wolves fan that will likely burn his jersey if he departs Minnesota after his rookie deal expires:

At least he was nice enough to say only “at least one extension” instead of two…?


Photo Courtesy: Sam Forencich/Getty Images