Aurora Borealis, aka Northern Lights, remains one of earth’s most incredible phenomenons, but one that most humans will never see in their lifetime. The gorgeous display of lights, a result of the sun ejecting masses of energy, known as a coronal mass ejection (CME), occurs many times throughout the year but at different levels, many of which aren’t visible to the heavy majority of earth’s population.

They are rarely seen in the United States, with only clear sightings occurring a couple times per year and they almost never travel below the northernmost tip of the country. However, over the last week, thousands of Americans have seen the Northern Lights, with abnormally visible sightings in New England, where someone took this spectacular five-hour time-lapse video at Moosehead Lake in Maine. The location, about 200 miles north of Portland, saw an incredible during the night of June 22nd and morning of June 23rd:

Moosehead Lake Aurora from Mike Taylor – Taylor Photography on Vimeo.

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