The MLB All-Star Game usually draws significant mid-summer attention but the 2015 event in Cincinnati has generated more buzz than any in recent memory. And it isn’t because a legend will be playing in his last game or a freakish rookie gets to showcase his talents, but instead because the Kansas City Royals are dominating balloting.

What started as an amusing development has since turned into a hostile, finger-pointing, spit-flying debate over the rules of All-Star voting. With eight Royals players leading voting at their respective positions, most of which should not anywhere near the top, people are starting to lose their minds. From obscure calculations to logical arguments, we thought we’d seen everything, that is until Kansas City Star writer Pete Grathoff offered the oddest explanation for his city’s dominance.

In an article about MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred’s reaction to the voting, Grathoff wrote the following:

Meanwhile, there is outrage in other cities because Royals fans are more adept at using the Internet.

For the sake of mankind’s health and sanity, we’re praying that Grathoff doesn’t actually think KC fans are more in tune with the functionality of the internet and thus know how to vote numerous times. Then again, after seeing some Royals fans argue in favor of Omar Infante, Lorenzo Cain, Alex Gordon and Alcides Escobar making the All-Star roster, we’re not assuming anything.

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