Patrick Kane made an unintentional appearance for his first hockey card as a fan taking in a Sabres and Senators game. Check out the above Sylvain Turgeon 1994-95 Pinnacle hockey card and then look a little bit to the right at the very young Sabres fan. Does he look a little familiar?

He should, that is because it is a very young Patrick Kane who is enjoying a game at the old Memorial Auditorium rocking a Pat Lafontaine jersey. The good folks at Punk Junk were able to spot the future Blackhawks superstar. Kaner was enjoying the game with his father who had a great mustache and some really amazing seats.

You can purchase the card for a mere $22.75 right now, and that is a steal for Blackhawks fans.

[Huge Thanks to Punk Junk for the Great Find]