The Philadelphia 76ers picked Joel Embiid with the third pick of last year’s draft, knowing he’d be out the season recovering from a right foot injury. But that was okay for the 76ers, because their plan for rebuilding involved being really bad last season to get yet another pick in this year’s draft. Embiid, however, took General Manager Sam Hinkie’s tanking strategy too far when he suffered a setback in his right foot surgery recovery, resulting in fears that he may not be ready for the start of the season or may miss it entirely.

Embiid boasts a ton of talent, but the 76ers can only afford to be so bad for so long. He was supposed to be the centerpiece to their franchise, drawing comparisons to Hakeem Olajuwon. But now that he may be out the entire season, the 76ers situation looks as bleak as ever, especially considering their backcourt rotation.

Factor in reports that Embiid was fat, weighing over 300 pounds midseason, and you get a very concerned and annoyed fanbase. We’ll always have this video of him draining three-pointers though.

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