The Chicago Cubs are on pace to win 90 ballgames, a mark that would be their highest since the 2008 season, and while we’re far from calling them a surefire playoff team or World Series contender, things are definitely headed in the right direction. However, the fact remains that they haven’t won a World Series in a whopping 107 years ago. This 4-1 series triumph over the Tigers in 1908 came two decades before mass production began on sunglasses in the United States.

Sam Foster, founder of Foster Grant of Atlantic City, began high volume production of sunglasses in 1929 and despite widespread success, we can only assumed he was forced to explain the concept to more than a few confused and/or skeptical folks. Apparently 86 years later, one Cubs fan still isn’t sure what to do with sunglasses and maybe that’s why they haven’t won a title in over a century.

Check out this bro at Wrigley over the weekend, who is having a difficult time watching the Reds-Cubs game because sun is blinding his view. If only, he knew how to use that odd contraption resting on the brim of his backwards hat, a hat that could also be used to block the sun:


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