Mike Miller and James Jones have a long and successful history with LeBron James. Not only have the two followed LeBron from Miami to Cleveland, but both won championships with James as members of the Heat.

So, it is sort of fitting that after the Cavs won the Eastern Conference Finals on Tuesday, LeBron entered the locker room and went to put his arms around Miller and Jones. However, what came next is a bit surprising and amusing as LeBron then dubbed the veteran trio as “the big three” according to Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal:

LeBron James wandered across the locker room holding a champagne bottle in his left hand when he wrapped each of his arms around Mike Miller and James Jones.

“The big three,” he whispered quietly before taking a swig of champagne. The trio stood in silence for only a moment, relishing what was and anticipating what is to come.

The whole “big three” thing is definitely overdone but it’s still kinda funny to see LeBron dub James Jones and Mike Miller as the other two members of his “big three.”

Now, the only question left to answer is how far back does the James-Jones-Miller big three go? This year? The trios championship years with the Heat?



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[] via [ProBasketballTalk]