Aaron Barrett has extended his record to 2-0. That’s not his record against the Philadelphia Phillies, but his standoff record.

For some reason after the national anthem, Barrett and Aaron Harang stayed on the field and started to stare each other down. Even when play was about to start, the two players refused to leave, dressed in equally goofy gear. Harang was fully clothed in catchers gear — face mask included — and didn’t even crack a smile. Barrett on the other hand, was sporting a grin the entire time, presumably taunting Harang, while wearing a backwards rally helmet.

The announcer really was right. Harang was doomed to lose from the start. Of course Barrett did get the unfair advantage of not having to be on the field.

But look at how happy he and the Nationals were after he won that standoff. It was a well-deserved victory.