aaaAs part of our ongoing gaming throwback series, we have chosen none other than ‘King Flames’ on this beautiful Thursday. If you haven’t heard of “King Flames,” let us refresh your memory.

It is a simple and wildly addictive mobile game featuring 8-bit characters like LeJordan, LeRantula, and of course LeBrawn. As the creators put it: “It’s a race against time as you try to help your favorite characters jersey dodge some raging flames! But don’t go too slow or your thermometer will overheat and turn your jersey to a crisp!” As we would put it: “the damn thing is really addicting, and we just want to see LeBron go up in flames.”

King Flames is brought to you by Flugo Studios, creators of another mobile sports game called World Juggling Cup. You can check out their YouTube channel for King Flames HERE. You can cop the game HERE.