Actor and all-around badass Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson surprised his good friend Nick Mundy of ‘Screen Junkies’ by officiating Mundy’s own wedding.

To make matters even more shocking for poor Nick, he had no idea that he was getting married on the day of the festivities. Nick was under the impression that he was just going to interview The Rock for his new movie “San Andreas.”

He didn’t know that Johnson had taken the time to get himself ordained by the state of California specifically for Nick’s wedding. He was clueless to the fact that his fiance, friends and family were all waiting for him. And he most certainly was not prepared for the occasion.

the rock wedding

Thankfully, someone found a jacket for Nick to wear to his own wedding. The pants though… those stayed.

the rock 234343453

Still, having The Rock officiating your wedding, especially when he’s your good friend, has to make the special day all the more memorable. The couple certainly looked like they couldn’t have been happier with how the surprise wedding went.

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