Josett Latrice has become something of an internet celebrity thanks to LeBron James.

When the King of the NBA pays attention, you better believe that the whole world pays attention.

LeBron had instituted his own social media ban so that he could focus on the NBA playoffs but he broke his own code of silence this week to “like” a photo of Latrice on the Instagram account (and this is not a joke) @perfectbooties.

So, what breaks the will of a 2-time NBA champ and married father of three?

#RP #LebronLikedIt #TMZHollywoodSports #JosettLatrice #PerfectBooty

A photo posted by Jojo (@josett.latrice) on May 7, 2015 at 10:38pm PDT

Ah. Well… alright then.

According to TMZ, Josett is studying to become a veterinarian but LeBron’s attention and the subsequent press has made her reconsider her modeling career.

Check out some of Josett’s photos below (and follow her on Instagram). Lord knows LeBron probably has.

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