Good luck finding someone more willing to extinguish trolls than feisty FOX Sports insider Jay Glazer. Glazer, with his hilariously aggressive personality, has no problem putting someone in their place, especially when said person is overstepping their boundaries or spewing inaccurate information, as was the case with a Twitter troll on Thursday.

First, Glazer commented that LSU offensive lineman La’el Collins had been flying up draft boards, that is until he was named in a murder investigation for a woman believed to be carrying his baby in Louisiana. Authorities have repeatedly said that Collins is not a suspect and they are simply seeking any information he might have:

Then came someone who claimed this could not be true because teams had finalized their draft boards long ago:

And then Glazer disposed of the Twitter troll, but slightly exceeded the 140 characters, thus forcing him to use TwitLonger:

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 9.02.36 AM

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