According to a report by ESPN, the New York Jets will be fined $100,000 due to tampering charges that the New England Patriots filed against the team last year.

Back in December, while Darrelle Revis was still a member of the Patriots, Jets owner Woody Johnson stated that he’d “love Darrelle to come back” to the Jets. The comment was a pretty clear violation of the NFL’s anti-tampering policy.

While a $100,000 fine is pretty hefty, it has to be considered a drop in the bucket considering that the Jets signed Revis to a 5-year, $70 million deal.

It must not be forgotten that the Jets also (hilariously) filed their own tampering charges against the Patriots for comments that Patriots owner Robert Kraft made after Revis signed with the Jets this offseason, specifically that Kraft and the Patriots “wanted to keep him.” However, because Kraft was speaking in the past tense and clearly was not talking about current or future interest in Revis, the NFL reportedly declined to fine the Patriots in this case, presumably because the Patriots and the NFL know how past-tense statements work.

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