piercedrakeThe Toronto Raptors, by virtue of losing the first two games of their first round series at home, are most certainly the most disappointing team so far in the NBA playoffs. The Raptors’ no-show even had Paul Pierce declaring after the Wizards’ Game 2 blowout, “I don’t want to go through customs no more!” — driving home Pierce’s desire to sweep the underachieving Raptors in Washington.

Another incident that occurred after Game 2 was a handshake between Pierce and the Raptors’ Global Ambassador, Drake. Drake has been seen on the sidelines of many NBA games over the years, but ever since the Raptors’ return to relevancy in the post-Chris Bosh era, he’s realigned himself with his native team. Except, you know, when they get embarrassed on their home floor and a future Hall of Famer happens to walk by.

Drake and Pierce’s handshake did not go unnoticed, either. Norm Kelly, a local politician, called out the rapper on Twitter for the gesture.

It doesn’t look quite as bad as eating ice cream with the enemy, but clearly it’s opened the door to suspicion.