It’s tough to “win” a marathon if you don’t even participate in the race, but Kendall Schler managed to “win” the St. Louis Marathon without actually running the 26.2 miles, that is until race officials realized she’s a fraud. According to KSDK, Schler competed in the 2014 race and finished third, but many were skeptical as to whether or not she ran the entire course, meaning those officials already had Schler on their radar.

In 2015, she crossed the finish line without an escort and well ahead of the pack and was initially deemed the winner. Amid some confusion, she showed her bib, casually snapped photos and was declared the winner. A few minutes later, Andrea Karl, who was assumed to be in the lead, crossed the line with escort bicycles and people immediately knew something was wrong. Here is the full report:

[For the Win]