The New York Knicks are having an interesting season. As they continue to crawl through the worst season in team history, they are being forced to address or dodge some amusing, interesting and very valid questions, including why their franchise player is not sitting on the bench with his team.

Carmelo Anthony underwent knee surgery nearly two months ago and while he’s been seen around the arena and locker room, he hasn’t been on the bench, leading many to wonder what his long-term future looks like in New York. After head coach Derek Fisher said he wasn’t even sure why Anthony wasn’t on the bench during games, a Knicks official offered an interesting explanation (via New York Post):

Coach Derek Fisher said he wasn’t sure of the reasons, but a Knicks official later said it was due to the fear of a hustling player crashing into the bench where Anthony might be sitting. Anthony’s surgery took place six weeks ago. It’s unclear if he will be on the bench by the time the season ends April 15.

Is it technically a valid concern? Maybe, but how many times in NBA history has a bench player, specifically one at the very end of the bench, been injured when a hustling player barrels into the bench? It appears to either be a stretch or an unjustified worry from the organization over Anthony’s health.


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Photo Courtesy: Jeff Zelevansky/New York Post