Question: Where does getting chased down in the streets by a giant rhinoceros rank among your nightmare life scenarios? Because, for me, it’s definitely up there.

That nightmare became a reality for residents of a small town in southern Nepal this week when a rhino strayed out of its wild habitat and wreaked havoc in the community they live in. Check out the raw footage of the runaway rhino chasing some motorcyclists down the street…it’s pretty terrifying.

According to reports, the rhino managed to kill one person and injure six but officials are still hoping to sedate the animal and guide it back into its natural habitat.

I, for one, am just glad I don’t live in a place where the possibility of getting run down and gored to death by a rhino is even a remote possibility. Seriously, though, those things are absolutely horrifying. Rhinos are like the in-shape version of a hippo with a giant deadly weapon attached to its face.