Art can be fascinating, whimsical and inspiring. It can represent history, dramatic change or an innovative vision. Or it can be completely overanalyzed, overvalued and completely misunderstood as a million-dollar piece when it’s actually worth three gallons of milk.

Art is not for everyone. While many experts and enthusiasts could spend hours oohing and aahing at a single piece, others find it worthy of a 5-year-old’s basement art studio. In an effort to put this massive gap of opinion on display, Boris Lange from Life Hunters TV played a little prank on patrons of Museum Arnhem in the Netherlands. He placed a simple IKEA print, one that is valued around $10, in the gallery and asked them to comment on its awe-inspiring complexities and beautifully sophisticated designs. The result epitomizes what art haters find so amusing with the concept.

Most of the patrons found it funny but the two guys at the end are thinking of ways to beat the piss out of Lange without anyone noticing in a quiet museum.

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