Joe Buck and Troy Aikman were in the Fox booth in Seattle on Sunday to broadcast “America’s Game of the Week” — a showdown between the Seahawks and 49ers. Three hours earlier and 2,000 miles away, in what was most certainly not “America’s Game of the Week”, Johnny Manziel dropped a turd in his first career start, as the Browns lost to the Cincinnati Bengals, 30-0. For some reason, Buck decided to interrupt the broadcast of the Seahawks-49ers game with his own thoughts on Johnny Football’s terrible day.

During the first quarter of the Seahawks’ 17-7 victory, Buck launched into a random first-person diatribe aimed at Manziel and the hype surrounding his first NFL start. He signed off with “Off to Canton ya go!” before turning back to the game he was actually broadcasting. The whole thing was very bizarre.