Ottawa Senators forward Chris Neil and Derek Dorsett of the Vancouver Canucks dropped the gloves during the second period of yesterday’s tilt in Ottawa, and it seemed like a pretty ordinary bout at first. Neil got the better of Dorsett in the scrap, landing a few heavy blows to the face, including one at the very end while Dorsett was falling to the ice and the officials were trying to intervene.

It was that last shot that left Dorsett very displeased, and the Canucks forward eventually blew a gasket completely when he saw Neil skating away and raising his arms to the crowd – a pretty routine gesture for a victorious fighter trying to get the home crowd pumped up.

Dorsett quickly rose to his feet and skated angrily towards Neil, who had his back to Dorsett, but was intercepted by an alert linesman. Thankfully, the officials were able to keep the two men separated and sent them back to their respective locker rooms to serve the majority of their five minute majors.

After the game, Dorsett provided some insight as to why he was so upset with Neil:

“First period he asked me to fight and I tell him no I have a bad hand. He keeps coming after me and coming after me and finally I fight him. Pretty even fight and I fall down and he gets two punches in. The refs in there and it’s just uncalled for. Then he gives it the junior move and starts waving on their fans it’s just Chris Neil in a nutshell.” (via)