$25 a month for unlimited concert going is an INSANE deal! Especially when you consider the price of one concert is roughly $25 or more.  The app was created by concert promoter Bora Celik and Kickstarter co-designer Andrew Cornett and is going to change the way you go to concerts.

Jukely figures out which artists you like then matches you up with people in your area who enjoy those similar artists. Don’t expect to see the bigger mainstream artists on Jukely, their goal is to expose fans to artists who are the verge of hitting it big.  The folks at TechCrunch put it perfectly, “You won’t find bigger names like Taylor Swift or Gaga on the subscription list. The idea is to fill the room and expose folks to bands that are just starting to blow up, but have enough of a presence to sell a few of their own tickets, too.”

At the moment, Jukely is only available in New York with 17 different venues.  They plan on expanding to Los Angeles and San Francisco in early 2015.  This is the app I’ve been waiting for and as soon as it’s available for LA, I am absolutely signing up! It just makes sense, you see awesome up-and-coming artists for a fraction of the price, whenever you want.

Find out more about Jukely and sign up for an account here.