When the LeBron 12 was first introduced to the sneaker market, one of the big design draws of the shoe was its outsole.

The multi-colored hexagonal shapes that line the outsole are not only supposed to help with performance, they also leave a very strong impression from a design perspective. So, it makes sense that Nike felt a huge need to change one thing about the LeBron 12 outsole moving forward.

Here’s the old outsole.


See it? The lower, inner hexagon has a ‘6’ imprinted on it. And due to one minor move that LeBron made over the summer, the number six no longer resonates with King James like it used to.

So, according to Sole Collector, all outsoles moving forward will likely look like this instead:


Yes, “OH” engraved on one outsole and “IO” on the other. The change is very appropriate given that Ohio is LeBron’s home state and that will never change, no matter which team LeBron suits up for. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that LeBron’s back on the Cavs either.

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