The Memphis Grizzlies are off to a blazing hot start early in this NBA season and currently hold the league’s best record at 10-1. Fans of the team – including musician/actor/hunk Justin Timberlake, who is a minority owner of the franchise – are understandably excited about this year’s squad.

But, as always, success brings the haters out to play, and JT fandom was brought into question.

But Timberlake wasn’t about to sit back and take this one lying down. Instead, he taught us all a lesson in “wig snatching” and fired back with a pretty great response.

But, in all fairness, James Stendebach also came back with some damning evidence.

Considering Timberlake is a noted basketball fan and has lived in L.A. for quite a while, we’ll give him a pass on the Lakers gear. Plus, owning any share of a team pretty much rules out any claims of being a “bandwagon” fan…it’s literally putting your money where your mouth is.