One has to wonder if Magic Johnson has actually watched any Lakers basketball this season.

On Wednesday, Magic went on Twitter to offer his own thoughts on the start of the NBA season. Let’s just say that his analysis of the Lakers suffers from a bit of a disconnect from reality.

I mean, the Lakers are essentially a train wreck and train wrecks could possibly be defined as “exciting” but that’s probably not what Magic meant when he tweeted this.

The Lakers aren’t JUST 0-5. It’s how they’ve reached 0-5 that’s truly “exciting”. The team has lost those five games by a staggering average of 14.8 points per game. Kobe Bryant is jacking up shots at levels that would be irresponsible if the team had anyone else who could shoot.

Speaking of Kobe, he’s on Magic’s short-list for MVP, because when one thinks of an NBA MVP, one thinks of the aging star player on a winless team that’s getting blown out of every game they play.

What are these MVP-like numbers that Kobe is putting up for the 0-5 Lakers? He’s averaging 27.6 points per game to go with 5.2 rebounds and 2.8 assists which are admittedly solid if one doesn’t dare look at how Kobe is getting all those points. The Black Mamba is averaging 24.4 FGAs per game, his highest average since his absurd 2005-06 season while his shooting percentage sits at a depressing .402 which would be his worst single-season average ever if the season ended today.

Basically, the only two people on the planet who probably truly believe that Kobe Bryant is putting up an MVP-like season for an “exciting” Lakers squad are Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant.

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