Each October, players on the Boston Bruins dress up in Halloween costumes and visit the local Children’s Hospital to raise the spirits of young kids residing there. While it’s obviously a pretty awesome gesture for the community and the youngsters who could use a lift, the costumes worn by Bruins players are typically pretty great. Take, for instance, Zdeno Chara the terrifying pink bunny. Or Dougie Hamilton, giant ginger baby.

This year, though, the Bruins went with a ‘Frozen’ theme, having several players dress up as characters from the popular animated Disney movie. I have never seen the film (yes, quite outrageous…I know) so I won’t try to identify who is who, but they’re all pretty great. I know there’s no real “winner” here (besides the kids!) but, let’s be honest, yes there is…and it sure seems like Dougie has captured his second straight ‘Best Costume’ award.

As for you, Matt Bartkowski…

[Puck Daddy]