Tom Brady

Tom Brady may not be seen as the class clown on the Patriots, but his social media folks just garnered a bunch of new followers thanks to some creative ‘class clown-like’ thinking. Mark Wahlberg was Robert Kraft’s guest of honor in the owner’s box during Sunday’s Patriots-Raiders game in New England, but that didn’t mean Marky Mark was obligated to give the Pats’ owner a high-five. Wahlberg left Kraft hanging after Rob Gronkowski’s second quarter touchdown, and not surprisingly the video of the incident went viral.


Well, on Tuesday morning Tom Brady’s social media folks took to his Official Facebook page to post a photoshopped image of Tom giving Kraft a high five and it is hilarious. The caption is a shout-out to Wahlberg saying: “Not cool, Mark! Mr. Kraft, I know how you feel.”


Very well done all around here, especially from a camp who has had to live with a tarnished past in the high-five game.