CavaliersThe last four years has been a time of despair for Cleveland Cavaliers fans. After LeBron James ripped their collective heart out by leaving for Miami in 2010, the next few seasons saw multiple fans storm the court to either beg for LeBron’s return or make desperate pleas to Kyrie Irving to not abandon them either. Perhaps the most famous of the LeBron beggars was James Blair, who stormed the court during a Heat-Cavs game at Quicken Loan Arena in 2013, wearing a t-shirt that read “We Miss You” and “2014 Come Back”. LeBron took note of Blair’s pleas, and even gave him a shout out on Twitter. Blair’s antics earned him a lifetime ban from the arena, but after LeBron’s decision to return to Cleveland, the Cavaliers have lifted Blair’s punishment. However, we have a feeling Blair won’t be running on the court to give LeBron a “thank you” hug any time soon.