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The cast of ‘D2: The Mighty Ducks’ came together for a long overdue reunion to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the film this weekend, and fans of the film should prepare to be hit hard with the nostalgia train thanks to these photos:

Among those who showed up for the party: Luis Mendoza, Guy Germaine, Connie Moreau, Adam Banks (cake eater!), Dean Portman and Gunnar Stahl.

Oh, and a slimmed down Goldberg.

Guy and Connie, obviously.

Lady Ducks:

What I would have given to be at that reunion, man. I can only hope that they broke out the gear and played a game of street hockey for old times sake.

In an awesome feature on the film trilogy by Time Magazine earlier this year, Joshua Jackson (Charlie Conway) said he wants to make a fourth movie and would be very surprised if the rest of the cast didn’t feel the same way. Now that we know they’re all still relatively friendly with each other, can we get the wheels churning on that already? Please?!

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