This guy makes Joel Quenneville’s crotch grab look like a warm, friendly how-do-ya-do.

That’s Andrei Nazarov, former NHL player and current head coach of Barys Astana in the KHL, losing his shit after a call didn’t go his team’s way during a recent game against Admiral Vladivostok. Following a penalty call on a Barys player, Nazarov decided to voice his displeasure by kicking a towel and chucking a water bottle onto the ice, then breaking out the Bras d’honneurs for everyone.

It wasn’t just the referees who were on the receiving end of the “up yours” gesture, either. Nazarov made sure the fans knew his message was intended for them as well, gesturing to the crowd and then to the jumbotron so he could be seen clearly by all in the arena.


Sure, it might seem like the Russian coach has a bit of an anger problem, but – considering this is how he handled himself on the bench just a few years ago – I’d say he’s come a long way. Maybe next time he can tone it down even further and just go this route:



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