It is no secret that Tim Duncan is a fan of some really nerdy stuff. This is a man who plays Dungeons and Dragons, attends Renaissance fairs, collects swords (including a samurai sword) and who has a tattoo of Merlin on his chest.

He is also a big fan of Marvel’s Punisher, an anti-hero who is kind of like Batman, only if Batman carried machine guns and killed people.

For more proof, here’s Duncan and Stephen Jackson at a Halloween party:


Now, it looks like Timmy will actually get to be in the Punisher’s comic universe. The BlackJack Speed Shop, which works on Duncan’s cars, posted this image on its Facebook, confirming that there would be an upcoming “special release” comic of The Punisher starring Tim Duncan.


The shop went on to state that they would be making a replica of the car featured in the comic to donate to charity as well.

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