This may be sadly unsurprising given his most recent statement, but has uncovered another incident where Adrian Peterson beat one of his kids. This would be a kid by a different mother than the one that Peterson hit multiple times with a switch.

According to the KHOU report, the incident in question took place last June, when the boy was visiting Peterson at his home. The picture obtained by KHOU was allegedly sent from Peterson’s phone to the mother of the boy. There were also text messages exchanged between Peterson and the mother, where Peterson explains what happened.

Mother: “What happened to his head?”

Peterson: “Hit his head on the Carseat.”

Mother: “How does that happen, he got a whoopin in the car.”

Peterson: “Yep.”

Mother: “Why?”

Peterson: “I felt so bad. But he did it his self.”

The text messages go on to show Peterson saying he was disciplining his son for cussing to a sibling.

It is unclear how the boy obtained the injury but Peterson alluded to it, texting, “Be still n take ya whooping he would have saved the scare (scar). He aight (all right)”

Pictures taken weeks later allegedly show that the bandaged wounds led to scarring. Alarmingly, there was a Child Protective Services report filed by the mother but it remains unknown what became of the report.

Peterson was reinstated by the Vikings today, after sitting out Sunday’s contest.

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