The next time you take to Facebook to complain about an underperforming fantasy player or status update to sing the praises of your favorite athlete’s last second heroics – you’ll need to keep one thing in mind:

They might be reading your post…and they might just respond.

Facebook recently launched an app for celebs, athletes and other influential types called Facebook Mentions. The app allows the athletes to see a stream of every conversation, linked or not, happening about them on Facebook. it also gives them the ability to reply seamlessly from their phone.

Screenshot 2014-09-09 14.32.23

Larry Fitzgerald is one of the early adopters of the app and here ‘s another example of him sneaking up on his fans:

Screenshot 2014-09-09 14.37.24

Other athletes using the new app:

Robert Griffin III
Pierre Thomas
Larry Fitzgerald
Bjoern Werner
Ryan Broyles
Menelik Watson
Sammy Watkins
Thomas Morstead
Michael Oher
Charles Woodson
Rod Streater