SeahawksIn case you were running out reasons to be annoyed by the Seahawks’ fan base (excuse me…THE 12TH MAN), we’ve found another one. Levi’s Stadium, the new home of the San Francisco 49ers, features a mannequin of Michael Crabtree in the team’s pro shop. Crabtree, as we all know, found himself on the wrong side of history — and the subject of an infamous postgame rant — after Richard Sherman tipped Colin Kaepernick’s pass that ended the 49ers’ season. Apparently, the cool new thing for Seahawks fans to do is reenact Sherman’s tip drill in front of the fake Crabtree.

It should be noted that the Seahawks haven’t even played a game there yet, so why Seahawks fans are showing up and posing with the statue, we have no idea. Also worth mentioning: the guy in the above photo appears to be wearing a Sounders jersey. Seriously, fuck that guy.