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Jaylend Ratliffe, a 3-star dual-threat QB recruit committed to Georgia Tech, suffered a serious brain injury following an ATV accident on July 30th. Following a couple weeks of surgery and dwindling optimism for a full recovery, the Scotland County player began making tremendous strides and appears headed in the right direction, although the road remains long.

Ratliffe, recovering at a Charlotte hospital received a special visit from Cam Newton on Tuesday. Scotland coach Richard Bailey spoke with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about the awesome surprise visit.

Cam went up to see him in the hospital, and I thought that was awesome. He brought some stuff from the Carolina Panthers, and they took some pictures together. Cam stayed for around an hour. Whomever made that happen, I’m happy because Cam Newton is one of his favorite players. Jaylend was pleased to see him. That was nice. It really seemed to bolster his spirits.

While football is put on hold, for an unknown amount of time, Ratliffe continues to make excellent strides, with Bailey saying he’s been able to move around and regaining movement across some extremities. Georgia Tech informed his mother that the school would honor his scholarship offer when he is able to arrive on campus in the future.

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Photo Courtesy: Rivals/Getty Images