NBA: Toronto Raptors at Miami Heat

Last week, some teenagers broke into Ray Allen’s Coral Gables, Florida home in order to have a peak around the house.

And if it weren’t for the mother of a friend of the intruders, they wouldn’t have been caught by the police. The curious teenagers were turned in by the mom who stated that “[My] daughter’s friends did something stupid.”

Luckily for the teens, who were all around 18 and 19 years-old, the cops decided not to charge any of them for breaking and entering through Allen’s unlocked back door. Unluckily for them, Ray Allen wants to press charges, and he called the decision to let the intruders go “unsettling”. According to Allen’s wife, it didn’t appear like the kids wanted to take anything:

“They were like as if they were on a tour, pointing out stuff: ‘Oh, wow, look at this picture. Oh, my God, look, he’s got a flat-screen TV.’”

Officers say the teenage suspects admit to letting themselves inside the home through an unlocked door out of “curiosity” Thursday, according to police reports obtained by ABC News. Once inside, the teens gave themselves the grand tour, admiring the two-time NBA champ’s art collection, even playing his piano.

The police and prosecutors have met with Allen and his family and “appropriate” charges are likely coming soon according to ABC.