Screenshot 2014-08-07 at 11

No, really. What the hell is this.

Kate Steciw was going out for a jog at Brooklyn’s Prospect Park on Wednesday when she came across a scene that would be absolutely terrifying in a horror movie and only slightly less eerie outside of one.

There, on a display behind a fence, was what looks like a human skeleton. Standing Up. Clothed. With a Brooklyn Nets’ hat on its skull. Oh, and the skeleton was also surrounded by art pieces and an American flag to make things extra terrifying, like some demonic offering to Mikhail Prokhorov.


Police who arrived at the scene took the bones to test to see if they are human (the skeleton looks stupidly realistic) but they don’t appear to be treating this bizarre display as a crime scene.

This may not be a crime scene but it really does belong in a Blair Witch Project sequel.

And there goes any motivation I had to jog through a park ever again.

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