04 - mPuYTVL

As a proud American, I’m all for having national pride and representing your home country as often as possible. I’ll use any excuse at all to break out the stars and stripes and obnoxiously scream “‘Merica! F*ck yeah!” before shotgunning a PBR in someone’s face. Not sorry about it.

Unfortunately for some proud Canadians, though, representing their country becomes slightly more tricky thanks to an occasional glitch that may or may not send the wrong message to anyone in their presence. For example:

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to unknowingly fall victim to Canada’s secret trap door. One second you’re having a great time snapping pictures with some friends and the next you’re plastered all over the Internet and getting some really awkward “we need to talk..” texts from your parents.

So, if you’re a proud Canadian getting ready to represent your homeland, here’s a solid piece of advice to keep in mind:


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