In case you missed it, the WNBA held its All-Star Game over the weekend. There’s not much to report other than the final score (a 125-124 win for the East) and a 29-point performance — an All-Star record — from Shoni Schimmel, a player who doesn’t even start for her team (Atlanta Dream), but was voted in as a starter thanks to a large Native American fan base stuffing the ballot box. While her scoring output garnered her MVP honors, she also played a part in easily the worst play of the game, when she decided to get a little too cute and toss an alley-oop off the backboard during a fast break.

Now, we’re no WNBA experts, so we’re confused as to what Schimmel expected the trailer, Angel McCoughtry, to do with the pass. Are alley-oops layups a thing in the WNBA?

We’re not trying to be mean here. Hell, NBA players blow alley-oops all the time, especially in the All-Star Game. But at least fans are treated to a super athlete flying through the air with his head above the rim, which, depending on the magnitude of the miss, can still be somewhat exciting (a missed dunk was even one of the most exciting plays of the NBA Finals). This, however, can’t be that — even if McCoughtry had finished it — because, in the end, it’s still just a layup.