Joel Embiid has yet to play in the NBA but we’re already starting to fall in love with his social media game. First, he tried to recruit LeBron James to join him on the Philadelphia 76ers then, when that didn’t work, he posted a flurry of hilarious tweets regarding James’ decision to return to Cleveland.

This week might have given us our finest Embiid social media moment yet, however, as the Sixers big man attempted to hit on Kim Kardashian via Twitter. Apparently, Embiid didn’t really know who Kim K. was when he tweeted at her telling her to “slide in my DMs.” Then, upon being educated of Kim’s celebrity and marital status, Embiid apologized.

via @LobShots

It’s really too bad about that whole marriage thing because Embiid seems like the type of guy Kim would go for. Now I’m just hoping Kanye namedrops him in an upcoming song.

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