Free Agency-LeBron Basketball

It’s strange but “The Decision 2” is turning out to be a huger shitstorm than the first “Decision” and that’s with LeBron James doing everything possible to stay out of the media spotlight.

The more that LeBron has kept things close to the vest, the crazier the speculation has gotten and all the tweets, “sources” and contradicting reports culminated into one particularly big ball of crazy this afternoon.

Somehow, everyone got it into their heads that LeBron was going to make a decision today at 3:30 p.m. ET based on evidence that was so speculative that it might as well have been drummed up by some tarot cards.

First, there was a Chris Sheridan story yesterday where Sheridan said that LeBron to the Cavs was a done deal.

Then he posted this earlier today.

At the same time, there started to be some tweets from reporters around LeBron’s hometown that were stating that police presence was being beefed up around LeBron’s home.

And of course, 330 happens to be Akron’s area code which would make perfect sense if LeBron’s life was the basketball version of National Treasure or The Da Vinci Code.

So, what happened at 3:30?


As we should have known all along considering, again, LeBron hasn’t made any indication of when his announcement is coming. Thankfully, Twitter has been pretty good at mocking all the amateur sleuths out there.

Of course, Cleveland’s thirst for LeBron is so real.

May this silliness never end.