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The backlash has been as expected for Uruguay’s Luis Suarez following his bite of Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini earlier this week and as FIFA rushes to issue appropriate discipline prior to their Round of 16 game on Saturday, Suarez’s home country and teammates are vehemently defending him.

“This happened because there have been campaigns launched by the media in England and Italy,” Suarez’s lawyer and Uruguay federation board member Alejandro Balbi told Uruguay radio station Sport 890.

The controversial soccer star has an international reputation that was only bolstered with the bite. Suarez previously received bans of seven and 10 games for biting opponents in the Netherlands and England, respectively.

“Diego Lugano, Suarez’s teammate, added to the belief, saying, “The British media has a vendetta against Suarez, and everyone knows that. It was a normal taunt in football, and the world press ends up talking about something totally trivial.”

Reportedly the Uruguay team and federation board has sent their case, including examples of other violent actions during World Cup play from opponents, to FIFA president Sepp Blatter in hopes that Suarez will not be suspended.




Photo Courtesy: Javier Soriano/AFP/Getty Images