San Antonio Spur, NBA Champion and lake swimming enthusiast Boris Diaw didn’t wake up one morning with the intent of crashing a bachelorette party. But that’s what happened when Boris let it be known that he would be at Lake Travis in Austin, Texas on June 21st.

According to reddit user bettercallsaul3, Diaw was invited to a bachelorette party that was happening on the lake when one of the attendees saw that Boris was going to be there, thanks to Diaw’s tweet:

Story: My friend was at Lake Travis for a bachelorette party when she saw that Boris had tweeted about being on the lake for the day. She told her friends and they were joking about riding around the lake shouting “BORIS”, and he actually heard them from a boat away saying his name. Boris immediately swam over to celebrate with them and asked if he could kiss the bachelorette. She also claimed that they sang “All I do is win win win no matta what.”

Ok, but just because a reddit user said something doesn’t make it true right? Pics or it didn’t happen.


Image courtesy of Fansided.

Oh. Well, OK then.

[For the Win!]