Eli Manning was on the “Jay Mohr Show” and he opened up a Pandora’s Box that the world probably wishes was kept shut.

Mohr asked Eli to compare himself to his brother Peyton and while Eli was willing to admit that Peyton was the better quarterback, he stated quite confidently that he was the better lover of the two:

Mohr: “I’m going to give you a pop quiz, and your answer is either you or Peyton…..”

Mohr: “Who is your mom’s favorite?”

Manning: “Me.”

Mohr: “Who dresses better?”

Manning: “Me.”

Mohr: “Whose is your dad’s favorite?”

Manning: “Peyton.”

Mohr: “Who’s cleaner?”

Manning: “Me.“

Mohr: “Who gives better advice?”

Manning: “Peyton.”

Mohr: “Who reads more?

Manning: “Peyton.”

Mohr: “Who’s a better lover?”

Manning: “Me.”

Mohr: “Who cooks better?”

Manning: “Me.”

Mohr: “Who drives better?”

Manning: “Definitely me.”

Mohr: “Who’s a better quarterback?”

Manning: “Peyton’s got me.”

I don’t even want to think about how Eli may or may not know how he’s a better lover than Peyton. Heck, who wants to think about Eli Manning having sex at all?

Even “Manning face” takes on a whole new meaning in this light.


[Sportress of Blogitude]