Nintendo has done everything it could possibly think of when it comes to their ever so popular Italian plumber. Mario has gone toe-to-toe with dinosaurs, raced in go-karts, been to space, played tennis with a tie-wearing gorilla and he’s even had the opportunity to fight Pikachu and Solid Snake.

Now, in the last frontier of Mario gaming, Nintendo has offered players the opportunity to design their very own Mario levels, possibly so that game developers themselves don’t have to be bothered to come up with interesting ways to reinvent “jumping on something’s skull”.

The gaming company unveiled their latest attempt to mine your 8-bit nostalgia for all its worth at this year’s E3. The game is called Mario Maker and it will be available for the Wii U.

If nothing else, this provides a great way to troll your friends by creating levels that are impossible to beat. Someone needs to make the Angry Birds/Mario crossover that we all deserve.

[AV Club]

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