When you think of the daily hazards that a golf caddie has to overcome, it’s usually water, sand, and trees that come to mind first. However, Chesson Hadley’s caddie fell victim to a sneak attack from a curb during the opening round of the Wells Fargo Championship yesterday.

While walking to the Par 5 10th hole, Hadley’s caddie tripped over the curb of a cart path and took a hard spill right on top of the bag he’s assigned to carry. As a result, the shaft of Hadley’s putter was bent like so:

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 1.53.13 PM

After confirming that he could keep playing with the contorted putter, Hadley managed a two-putt for birdie. Not too shabby, and I’m sure that brought his caddie a sigh of relief. He better start watching out for that first step, it’s a doozy.