This is an absolutely hilarious story out of WWE’s Monday Night Raw event in Washington, D.C. tonight. Wale was apparently in attendance and a troll on Twitter invited the D.C. area rapper to come meet him for an unscripted throwdown.

Wale, apparently not in the mood for games, was very willing and exchanged several tweets with the heckler before finding him in the crowd and then reportedly punching him in the face. The timeline of events is glorious:


When he heckler replied with a picture of his seats (which has since been deleted), Wale apparently was able to decipher exactly where the troll was located, because then this happened:

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 12.07.12 AM

Somebody ended up uploading a short clip of footage to WorldStarHipHop and, upon further inspection, TMZ’s reports saying that Wale “punched” him is a bit sensationalized. Either way, you probably shouldn’t threaten Wale on Twitter. He will find you.

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