In late November, a Redditor — who goes by the username Anndddyyyy — hopped onto the r/bitcoinmarkets sub-Reddit to discuss the virtual currency, Bitcoin. Unfortunately, Andy (sorry, not typing out all those letters again) was quite intoxicated while online, which led to him making some predictions about its future value. At the time, Bitcoin was valued at $1,000 per coin, and Andy swore up and down that come January 1st, it wouldn’t drop into triple digits. He was so confident in its stability, he bet the community that if it dropped below $1,000, he would videotape himself eating a hat — and with ketchup (because what else would you eat a hat with?).

Fast forward to January 1st, and the price had dropped to $580 per coin. Except Andy was nowhere to be found. After being called out by fellow Redditors for not owning up to the bet, he decided to go through with it (you taking notes, Roddy White?). He had a trusty Redditor hold a stash of Bitcoins ransom until he released video of himself doing the deed. Well, he did it, and no, it doesn’t look appetizing — at all.