In case you don’t have HBO or have yet to watch 24/7, the channel’s documentary series on the Red Wings and Maple Leafs’ road to the Winter Classic, here’s a great clip from the latest episode.

It features a special moment during a recent matchup between the two teams, during which Todd Bertuzzi takes a shot on net after the whistle and knocks the water bottle of Toronto goalie Jonathan Bernier off the top of the net.

Leafs forward David Clarkson – who Bertuzzi dubs as “the bottle police” – takes exception and voices his opinions to Bertuzzi, who just can’t seem to understand why Clarkson cares so much about a damn water bottle.

While it seems quite ridiculous that two grown ass men would feel the need to have a lengthy argument about a water bottle, it’s an unwritten rule in hockey that you should never knowingly shoot the puck on net after the whistle has been blown.

And given Bertuzzi’s history of blatant disrespect towards the belongings of other players – whether it be their water bottle or their spine – I have no problem with Clarkson calling him out.

Never disrespect the H20.